The Best Discord Bot

Demo is a helpful bot to manage your discord server
with admin commands , general and music commands

About Demo

Demo's Prefix is ( - )

Demo's general commands is :

|-id : To See your discord stats| 
|-avatar : To see your discord image|
|-uptime : To see how much time the bot has been on|
|-invite : To invite the bot to your server| 
|-bot : Tells you information about bots| 
|-server : to see information about the server| 
|-usersinfo : to see the bots members and thier status|

Demo's Admin commands is :
|-clear : To clear the chat|
|-kick : To kick someone from the server|
|-ban : To ban someone from the server|
|-moveall : To move all the people in voice channels to you|
|-mutechannel : To mute the channel ? no one will be able to talk|
|-unmutechannel : to unmute the channnel ? everyone will talk|
|-cchat : to create a text channel|
|-cvoice : to create a voice channel|
|-warn : to warn someone A (warns-log) channel needed|
|-banlog : to ban someone with log (ban-log)channel needed|
|-giveaway : to create a give away|

Demo's Music Commands
|-play : Plays the music you want|
|-skip : Skips the current song|
|-stop : Stops the music|
|-replay : Replays the song|
|-vol : Adjusts the volume Max:1000 (earrape)|
|-queue : shows you the song queue|
|-pause : pauses the song|
|-resume : resumes the song|

About Demo